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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Major Asbestos Exposure

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Major Asbestos Exposure

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Major Asbestos Exposure 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston


For nearly a century, asbestos has been linked with deadly respiratory cancer and disease, causing many manufacturers and industrial companies to shell out millions in injury claims and settlements. Now, decades later, injury victims are continuing to come forward with allegations of unbeknownst exposure, and demanding employers compensate for the personal and financial toll.

On October 5th of this year, a representative of the estate of a recently deceased Jefferson County man filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging exposure to asbestos – which the family believes ultimately killed the man. More specifically, the lawsuit alleges the man was exposure to the toxic chemical during his work on the coastal oilfields, which were maintained by Atlantic Richfield, BP, Bridgestone, Chevron Phillips, Citgo, Entergy, ExxonMobil, Firestone, Goodrich, Huntsman, Total and Texaco – all of which have been named in the suit.

A lifelong worker on the oil rigs, the deceased man began his tenure as an employee back in the 1960’s. It wasn’t until much later that he was diagnosed with a deadly lung cancer, which ultimately took his life in 2015. In general, the plaintiff is alleging that the oil companies negligently maintained and sold asbestos-laden products – all while knowing that asbestos exposure can be deadly.

While the case is just in its infancy, it brings about an important reminder that employers are under a duty to maintain a reasonably safe work environment for employees, which includes the duty to notify employees and customers of known dangers on the premises. Moreover, commercial entities are responsible for placing reasonably safe goods in the marketplace, and can face major legal backlash for knowingly exposing consumers to harm.

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