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Texas Woman Files $15 million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Healthcare Providers

Texas Woman Files $15 million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Healthcare Providers

Texas Woman Files $15 million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Healthcare Providers 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston


The death of a loved one can come as a major shock and surprise, particularly to close family members. When the death occurs at the hands of a hospital or nursing home – which are meant to help heal and protect – the loss can be even more devastating. Thankfully, if neglect is suspected, grieving loved ones have the opportunity to file a wrongful death action against the alleged responsible party.

Earlier this year, a woman from Texas filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her mother, who was residing in an assisted living facility out-of-state in the central Tennessee area. According to the complaint, her mother passed away after gaining 30 pounds in just over two weeks. The problems began when the woman was admitted to the hospital for a four-day stay in August 2015 due to a host of problems related to gastritis and COPD. Upon discharge, she weighed 158 pounds. A few days later, she was readmitted with similar symptoms, including low iron levels and shortness of breath. In her first week back in the hospital, she is alleged to have gained 15 pounds despite having virtually no appetite. After determining the weight gain to be the result of severe fluid retention, she was prescribed 20mg of a diuretic every other day. However, she was only ever provided two doses during her entire stay. After gaining another 15 pounds of fluid within several days, the patient was transferred to another facility due to increasing respiratory distress caused by the weight of the fluid retention. Ultimately, her lungs could not bear the pressure, and she succumbed to her condition a few days later.

In the lawsuit, the victim’s daughter alleges that egregious mix-ups with the woman’s medication regimen resulted in her avoidable death. Further, the lawsuit advances the argument that had the doctors and nurses exercised reasonable care and caution in the treatment of the victim, she would not have passed away due to the effects of fluid retention.

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