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Product Liability

Manufacturers have a duty to design and manufacture products safely. When a hazard cannot be “designed out” of a product or device, then adequate warnings must be in place. Our firm has helped people injured by defective products in automobiles, school buses, 18- wheelers, lawn mowers, machines in plants and factories, medical devices, and prescription drugs. Let us help you.



We have represented individuals and family members of people who have been catastrophically injured or killed by various products and devices including seatbelts and airbags that failed to operate properly, machines that lack proper guards, and riding lawn mowers that failed to shut off to prevent injury. We have handled cases against drug manufacturers that failed to warn of the dangers posed by their drugs that resulted in devastating birth defects and death.

When manufacturers cut corners in the design or manufacturing of a product, serious injuries occur. Shockingly, some manufacturers weigh the cost of paying injury claims against the cost of implementing safety measures that would prevent injuries from occurring. Consumer products have caused burns, allergic reactions, electrocution, poisoning, choking, loss of limbs, and death to name a few. Over the course of our history of American jurisprudence, juries have been the real motivator of change. If you or a loved one have been injured and you believe it is due to a faulty, dangerous, or poorly-designed product, contact us at 1800-657-2230 for a free evaluation. We can help.


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Benefits Of Hiring a local Product Liability Law Firm:

The legal world can be complex and confusing at times. Do not try to maneuver it by yourself – hire a product liability lawyer who knows their way around the Texas Court system. A product liability attorney has the experience and training to handle accident cases. Also, they will have tools at their disposal that can help prove your case, such as computer animations, expert testimony and accident investigators. So, whether you have been injured in a car accident, a fire, at a hospital or even in your own home, contact us!

Contact one of our product liability lawyers if you have been injured in:

  • Vehicles with defective safety equipment
  • Vehicles designed without proper safety equipment
  • Missing safety equipment
  • Air bags
  • Seatbelts
  • Broken seats
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Child and Infant Products
  • Construction Equipment and Tools
  • Outdoor Products
  • Recreational Products
  • Sports Equipment

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Product Liability FAQs

Nothing. We do not charge for case evaluation. And, if we believe you have a viable claim, you do not pay us a retainer and we do not charge by the hour. We are only paid if we recover money for you.

Yes. Please give us a call and we will set up a meeting at a time and location that is convenient for you.

You may. It will depend on the facts of your wreck and your injuries. Faulty or defective airbags are a type of product liability claim and you should contact us if you think your injuries are worse due to the failure of your airbags to work properly.

Yes, you can still have a product liability claim even though you are not the original purchaser of the product.

It depends on the details of your purchase and the documents you signed. But, a seller or manufacturer who simply labels a product “as-is” may still be liable if it is defective.