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Water Tower Accident Kills One in Texas

Water Tower Accident Kills One in Texas

Water Tower Accident Kills One in Texas 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Who is liable for accidents occurring on city or state owned property?

Water towers stand tall in most towns across Texas, providing a source of water for the area. Water towers are constructed at a considerable height so as to allow water to be sufficiently pressured. Typically owned by a local municipality, water towers do require maintenance and updating. In Porter, Texas tragedy struck when a worker was killed in the water tower. A steel panel in the process of being lifted into the air crashed into the open water tank, killing one of the four employees within it. The employee was a contracted worker from a company with significant experience constructing water towers.

Municipal Liability

Many of us do not realize just how much property government entities typically own. Chances are you stroll on a sidewalk owned by the city daily or make a trip to a city park. When you visit a government owned piece of property, there is always a risk of injury. Should you become injured on government property, liability issues become quite complex.

The Texas Tort Claims Act

Under Texas law, like in most other states, government entities are typically shielded from liability by the concept of sovereign immunity. Per Section 101.02 of the Texas Tort Claims Act, a government entity can be sued if a waiver of sovereign immunity applies. Generally, a government entity could be liable to an injured plaintiff under the following circumstances: