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Texas Accident Results in Fatality, Reinforces Danger of Motorcycles

Texas Accident Results in Fatality, Reinforces Danger of Motorcycles

Texas Accident Results in Fatality, Reinforces Danger of Motorcycles 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Texas Accident Results in Fatality, Reinforces Danger of Motorcycles

Driving or riding on a motorcycle in Texas can be a lot of fun. With the sun shining down on you and the fresh wind whipping your face, they provide a very different feeling than that of a car. However, with little protection, motorcycle drivers often find themselves much more susceptible to injury than drivers of cars or trucks. This is due in part to the fact that they have less stability and visibility as well as higher performance capabilities than cars.

Jarring Statistics

According to a 2018 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government has estimated than in 2016 for every mile traveled, the number of motorcycle fatalities was 28 times greater than that of cars. Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2017 a total of 5,172 motorcyclists died in crashes and accounted for 14 percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths. The same year saw more than twice as many motorcyclist deaths as were seen in 1997. Of these deaths in 2017, 38 percent occurred in single-vehicle crashes, while 62 percent occurred in multiple-vehicle crashes.

These devastating statistics are evidenced in a recent crash. Earlier this month, a motorcycle and a pickup truck were going southbound on a local Texas road when they were involved in an accident. Although much is still unknown as to the exact cause of the crash, according to investigators the truck was traveling behind the motorcycle when the driver of the latter slowed down for a red light. It has since been established that the truck hit the motorcycle from behind, before crashing into a utility pole and consequently bringing down live power wires.

A Devastating Outcome

The crash, which occurred shortly before midnight, resulted in multiple injuries. According to multiple witnesses of the crash, they worked to help the victims. They also worked to pull one of the two occupants of the truck to safety. The truck went up in flames, and the two occupants of the truck were transported to a local hospital, while the motorcyclist was transported to a medical facility. While both truck occupants survived, unfortunately the motorcyclist was not so lucky. He later died from his injuries.

Wrongful Death and Other Legal Actions

The investigation is still underway, though when it is finished, it is possible that authorities may find that the accident was caused due to the negligence of the truck driver failing to stop. If enough evidence is gathered to help prove this belief, the family of the deceased may choose to pursue a case for wrongful death in a Texas civil court. Dependent upon the circumstances and evidence found, a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney may be able to discuss with the family their available legal actions. Should they prove victorious, this award may assist them in paying for various costs such as lost income and funeral expenses.