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Industrial Injuries

Our Industrial Injury Law Firm Has Helped to Represent Victims of Some
of the Nation’s Most Catastrophic Industrial Accidents.

Industrial Injury Attorneys


Industrial occupations carry a higher risk of catastrophic injury or death than other jobs.

Those who work in or around the following face potential dangers every day:

  • Drilling Rigs
  • Mines
  • Warehouses
  • Gas & Oil Refineries
  • Factories
  • Construction Sites

That, however, does not change the responsibility of industrial employers to provide the safest workplace possible. This includes providing proper workplace facilities, training, and equipment. Unfortunately, despite state and federal regulations, many industrial employers fall well short of fulfilling their duty. In many cases, the industrial laborers may experience severe or fatal illness as the result of exposure to toxic chemicals, gases, and hazardous materials such as asbestos.


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Benefits Of Hiring a local Personal Injury Law Firm:

The legal world can be complex and confusing at times. Do not try to maneuver it by yourself – hire a personal injury lawyer who knows their way around the Texas Court system. A personal injury attorney has the experience and training to handle accident cases. Also, they will have tools at their disposal that can help prove your case, such as computer animations, expert testimony and accident investigators. So, whether you have been injured in a car accident, a fire, at a hospital or even in your own home, contact us!

Contact one of our personal injury lawyers if you have been injured in:

  • Arc Flash Accidents
  • Coal Mining Accidents
  • Common Work Injuries
  • Defective Equipment
  • Factory Accidents
  • Heavy Machinery Accidents
  • Mesothelioma / Asbestosis
  • Plant & Refinery Accidents
  • Warehouse Accidents
  • Work Injuries & Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Workplace Safety

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Pursuing All Avenues of Compensation

At CMZ, we help our clients fight for the compensation they deserve after serious accidents.

If the industrial employer participates in the state’s workers’ compensation insurance system, an injured worker or family of a killed employee may seek medical, disability or death benefits through a workers’ comp claim. The employee or family does not need to show the employer was at fault to recover. However, these benefits are limited to certain time periods, and not all employers carry workers' compensation insurance.

In some cases, a worker may be injured while working on an offshore oil drilling rig or platform, which may entitle them to remedies under general maritime law, such as maintenance and cure or through federal statutes such as the Jones Act, LHWCA, or Death on High Seas Act.

If an industrial worker suffers a mental or physical disability as a result of an industrial accident or injury, and the disability has lasted or is expected to last for more than a year, the worker may be eligible for Social Security benefits in addition to other relief.

If your industrial employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, then your sole remedy would be through a workers’ comp claim. However, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against employers who do not participate in the state’s workers’ compensation system or when the accident is the result of especially reckless conduct or the negligence of a co-worker or third party. In many cases, a personal injury or wrongful death claim may provide greater compensation than would otherwise be available.