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Lawsuits Over Train Accidents Spur Safety Upgrades

Train Accident

Lawsuits Over Train Accidents Spur Safety Upgrades

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Lawsuits Over Train Accidents Spur Safety Upgrades

Every two hours, a pedestrian or automobile in the United States is struck by a train. This is a shockingly high accident rate considering the fact that train accidents are often deadly. Unfortunately, efforts to make trains safer have basically stalled, with the companies involved claiming new safety technology is cost prohibitive. Lawsuits are one way those who have been injured in a train-related accident, or their loved ones, can push for safety upgrades while also seeking compensation for their injuries.

Houston Railroads Are Some Of The Worst

Houston has one of the most deadly railways in the country, yet efforts to make it safer seem to only come after someone has been injured or killed. Train speeds were only lowered in certain high-traffic areas after tragic accidents, and fencing that is needed to protect pedestrians all around the city is only being installed in areas where someone has died. How many people must be injured or killed before the whole system is made safer?

Holding Metro Responsible

In order to hold the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s feet to the fire, anyone who is injured in a train accident, and their loved ones, should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. A lawsuit can help you get compensation for any injuries you have suffered. Metro, or whatever other railroad that is involved, could be forced to cover your medical expenses and reimburse you for lost wages. If you are the loved one of someone who died in a train accident, you may also be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit on your deceased loved one’s behalf.

So It Never Happens Again

However, many people who have been injured in train accidents are not satisfied with a check — they want changes. A lawsuit can give you leverage to negotiate for safety improvements that can benefit everyone, and keep what happened to you and your family from happening again.

It is time the railroads start taking passenger, pedestrian, and driver safety seriously. Needed safety upgrades are well-known, they just aren’t being done. Lawsuits are often the best way to get action on upgrades that should have been done years ago.