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Head-on Collision in Huffman, Texas Kills Two

Head-on Collision in Huffman, Texas Kills Two

Head-on Collision in Huffman, Texas Kills Two 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

What causes head-on accidents in Texas?

A horrific head-on accident recently claimed the lives of a seven-year-old boy and 25-year-old woman.  The accident happened around 7 p.m. on FM 1960 in Huffman.  Witnesses report that the driver of a Yukon had been traveling at a high rate of speed while weaving in and out of traffic.  The Yukon driver clipped a Mazda sedan, causing it to veer out of control and into the path of a Dodge Durango.  Neither driver could avoid the head-on crash.  Police are still investigating the accident and the driver of the swerving Yukon agreed to a voluntary blood draw at the scene of the crash. 

Causes of Head-on Accidents

Head-on accidents most often happen when two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction collide with one another.  Negligence is the number one cause of head-on car accidents.  Some circumstances that lead to head-on accidents include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Tire blowouts
  • Unsafe passing
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Poor road design
  • Missing or inadequate signage
  • Swerving to avoid obstacles
  • Poor weather conditions

Head-on accidents comprise less than five percent of all accidents, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), but have the highest fatality rate of all types of accidents.  Head-on accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, including head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and even death.  These serious injuries can be extremely costly financially and emotionally. 

Compensation for Head-on Accidents

If you are injured in a head-on accident in Texas, you should consult with a Houston personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  You may be able to seek compensation for your damages incurred in the accident from the at-fault driver that caused the crash.  Potential damages include coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and much more. 

It is imperative that you act fast after the accident because vital evidence could be lost if not immediately gathered. Investigations after a head-on accident include a review of the police report, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence at the scene, subpoenaing traffic camera footage, and more.  Armed with this evidence, your attorney can build a strong case to secure the damages you deserve.