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Family Files $500 million Negligence Lawsuit After Fatal House Fire

Family Files $500 million Negligence Lawsuit After Fatal House Fire

Family Files $500 million Negligence Lawsuit After Fatal House Fire 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

 In an unbelievable Christmas Day tragedy, a couple was killed and a dozen more people were injured when an unexpected explosion rocketed the roof right off a San Benito, Texas home – and now, surviving loved ones want answers. According to preliminary information, the explosion was caused by a possible propane leak affecting a tank immediately adjacent to the home. And, in a $500 million lawsuit recently filed on behalf of the victims, the gas company may have been to blame for engaging in negligent and reckless conduct in installing and maintaining the tank – a claim it vehemently denies.

 So far, the plaintiffs believe that the defendant – Hino Gas Co. – was negligent in the installation of the propane tank, as well as the positioning of the tank at an awkward angle against the home. Moreover, the family contends that Hino Gas Co. failed to perform mandatory pressure tests prior to filling the gas tank, which would help prevent overfilling and consequential gas leaks.

 The Cameron County Fire Marshal has yet to rule on the official cause of the incident, and has so far listed the cause as “undetermined.” Moreover, Hino Gas Co. is adamant that – because the roof of the building collapsed during the fire – that there would be no way the propane tank is responsible for the incident, and it was probably due to an electrical problem. The company also asserts that it is under no obligation to perform a pressure test on a propane tank, and Texas laws do not impose this mandate. In addition, Hino contends that – should the tank be implicated in the blaze – the true fault lies with a third-party that recently capped the tank after removing two gas appliances from the home in place of newer electrical models.


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