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Common Types of Car Accidents: Side Impact Crashes

Common Types of Car Accidents: Side Impact Crashes

Common Types of Car Accidents: Side Impact Crashes 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Who is liable in a T-bone accident?

Side impact, or T-bone, crashes are a common and serious type of car accident that occurs on Texas roadways every day.  Side impact accidents happen mostly at intersections.  These crashes often involve two vehicles traveling in different directions through an intersection.  One vehicle hits the side of the other vehicle, causing a T-bone crash.  Our Houston, Texas personal injury lawyers answer some of your frequently asked questions about side impact accidents below.

Frequently Asked Questions About T-Bone Crashes

What are the causes of side impact crashes?

Driver error is the number one cause of all car accidents, including side impact crashes.  Side impact accidents often happen when one driver fails to timely stop at a stop sign or stop light, or fails to yield the right of way.  Potential reasons that a driver might not obey basic traffic laws include driver distraction, poor judgment, excessive speed, driver intoxication, and other instances of negligent behavior.

Who is at-fault in a side impact accident?

In a side impact crash, there are no assumptions as to liability.  Side impact accidents require a careful analysis of the circumstances surrounding the accident.  Fault will be determined by the angle of the cars in the crash, witness statements, traffic light cameras, skid marks, and more.  Fault with ultimately lie with the driver who committed a traffic infraction or was not paying appropriate attention at the time of the accident.  

At times, both drivers in a T-bone crash will bear some degree of fault.  Texas follows a modified comparative fault rule, meaning that if a person is injured in an accident, he or she cannot recover damages from the other party if deemed 51 percent or more at fault for the crash.  Damages will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

What injuries might accident victims sustain in a T-bone crash?

Side impact crashes can lead to a wide array of serious injuries or even death. The side of the car is less insulated than the front or back of the vehicle, leaving vehicle occupants at heightened risk of injury.  Potential injuries include head trauma, broken bones, paralysis, and more.  The victims of a T-bone crash should consult with a lawyer to determine their legal rights to recover from the driver that caused the accident.