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Common Car Accident Injuries: Fractures

Common Car Accident Injuries: Fractures

Common Car Accident Injuries: Fractures 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

What are the most common types of broken bones you could sustain in a car accident?

Millions of Americans will be involved in car accidents in the coming year.  Broken bones are one of the most common car accident injuries due to the immense force involved in the collision.  Fractures can be extremely painful and could even require surgery, potentially leading to lengthy recovery times and the inability to return to work.  Car accident victims who sustain a broken bone will require immediate treatment. Accident victims injured due to the negligence of another driver may be able to seek compensation for their fracture injuries through a personal injury lawsuit.  

What is a Fracture?

A fracture is defined as any break within any bone of the body.  Fractures vary in severity, with some simple fractures healing with relative ease, whereas compound fractures, which involve the broken bone piercing the skin, carry a risk of infection and longer recovery times.  Car accidents are a leading cause of broken bones, but fractures can also occur as a result of falls, sports injuries, and other high impact events.  

Common Types of Fractures

Car accidents inflict tremendous force on the body, creating the immense potential for broken bones, particularly in the following parts of the body:

  1. Leg fractures:  There are three bones within your legs that could be broken in an accident.  The femur or thigh bone, is quite strong but could break in a serious car accident.  Femur breaks will have a long recovery time.  Your tibia and fibula are also at risk of injury if your vehicle crumples in the accident.
  2. Facial fractures:  If you are ejected from the vehicle in an accident or your head hits the dash, there are several bones within your face that could break.  Facial fractures can lead to disfigurement.
  3. Spine fractures:  The tiny vertebrae bones within your back could break in an accident.  When a vertebra breaks, it is extremely dangerous because it could damage the spinal cord, leading potentially to paralysis.

Car accident victims who sustain a broken bone in the collision should contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the crash to protect their legal rights.