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Another Day, Another Samsung Recall

Another Day, Another Samsung Recall

Another Day, Another Samsung Recall 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Everyone knows laundry day is dull; but an exploding washing machine is hardly the solution to the bore of the chore. Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy S7 explosion issue, the company is now facing a slew of claims that their washing machines contain a similar malfunction – which has dangerous property damage and increased risk of injury. As a result, the company voluntarily recalled three million washing machines in early November, and have warned users to immediately stop using the product until a replacement can be installed.

According to consumers, a malfunction in the drum of the machine can cause the lid to “violently” pop off, which could severely injure anyone standing nearby. In the words of one individual with the issue, the lid popped off violently it actually penetrated the wall of her garage.

According to the company, if the machine contains bulky bedding or other heavier items, it can cause the drum to dislodge from its components during the spin cycle. As a result, the machine will begin vigorously vibrating, which in turn causes the lid to eventually dislodge. Samsung has warned consumers to stop using the washing machine immediately, particularly when washing large or water-resistant items.

Under product liability laws, despite issuing a voluntary recall, the company could still face liability for placing an unreasonably dangerous product in the marketplace. As a manufacturer of consumer goods, Samsung is responsible for warning consumers of known risks, as well as risks the company should have uncovered through testing and troubleshooting. Liability will be an even greater issue if it comes to light the company knew about the malfunction and did not take steps to correct it and/or warn consumers. In a typical product liability action, a consumer can win compensation for any physical injuries or damage to surrounding property. If a consumer product causes an extremely debilitating injury, or the total effects of the injury have yet to be determined, a plaintiff may win an even greater sum.

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