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$143.4 Million Verdict

$143.4 Million Verdict

There were numerous flaws in operating and safety procedures. The facility was unstaffed and people in charge of monitoring alarms were extremely slow to respond. Unbelievably, the companies showed no remorse and believed they had already suffered enough because they had to spend money to update the facility after the blast.

When an underground liquid natural gas storage cavern exploded and destroyed over 20 residents homes and property, CMZ took on the case many firms were unwilling to take. After taking numerous depositions.


Liquid Natural Gas Storage

The jury saw it differently and awarded $5.5 Million in compensation to cover the extensive losses in property values and damages from the blast plus $138 Million in punitive damages. The jury foreperson was quoted as saying, “this should make real statement for safety concerning something as dangerous as this gas.”

Oil Field Explosions