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$416 Million Verdict

The stakes were high for a petroleum geologist who studied a potential oil and gas reserve when she took her research to a major oil and gas production company hoping to partner with them in the production of this field. She believed she was meeting in confidence with people she could trust. Unfortunately, they misled her into believing her predictions were wrong. When she discovered later that this same company was producing in this field, she knew she had been duped.

$250 Million + Settlement

When the BP Horizon disaster occurred, we were there to help those who found their businesses and livelihoods suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed. CMZ represented numerous business and property owners extending from Southeast Texas all along the Gulf Coast to Key West, Florida. Each client’s business and needs were unique. We worked hand in hand with our clients, their accountants, and our forensic accountants to learn their specific needs and quantify their damages.

$143.4 Million Verdict

When an underground liquid natural gas storage cavern exploded and destroyed over 20 residents' homes and property, CMZ took on the case many firms were unwilling to take. After taking numerous depositions and months of discovery, CMZ collected the evidence proving three gas and pipeline companies had pumped far more gas into the cavern than they were allowed under their operating permit. There were numerous flaws in operating and safety procedures. 

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