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Oil Field Explosions Lawyer

The firm’s largest case to date was the famous Brenham, Texas explosion that took place in 1992. Although the majority of the claims were settled out of court, W. Perry Zivley served as lead counsel for 18 of 22 claimants that opted to take their cases to court. Following a 4-week trial, which involved dozens of witnesses and hundreds of exhibits, the court found negligent, grossly negligent, and liable for creating a nuisance.

Plant & Refinery Injury Lawyers

We are dedicated to representing victims of on the job accidents occuring throughout Texas, Louisiana, and along the Gulf Coast. Working in plant or oil/gas refineries presents unique hazards. Companies who cut corners and put profits over safety will use shoddy equipment that is poorly maintained, hire unskilled or unsafe co-workers, and fail to implement basic safety policies that might help the bottom line but places the workers they depend on at serious risk. Unfortunately, it’s after a devastating injury that these unsafe practices are exposed.

Product Liability Lawyer

We have represented individuals and family members of people who have been catastrophically injured or killed by various products and devices including seatbelts and airbags that failed to operate properly, machines that lack proper guards and riding lawn mowers that failed to shut off to prevent injury. We have handled cases against drug manufacturers that failed to warn of the dangers posed by their drugs that resulting in devastating birth defects and death.

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