CMZ Law Firm Victories

$55 Million Verdict

When a giant oil company thought it could get away with stealing the oil royalties from poor folks in a small East Texas community, they thought our clients would not fight back. They were wrong. Our clients had no money to fight an oil company or pay an attorney. But, we agreed to take their case. The oil company had engaged in a scheme to mislead the royalty owners and steal their money.

$27.8 Million

CMZ represented the owners of a company who merged with a larger competitor company. The merger provided stock in the larger competitor company to our clients. A few days after the merger, the larger competitor announced that its fourth-quarter earnings were below expectations. Our clients had been provided with financial documents and a prospectus that showed a much higher value for the stock than what the company reported a few days later.

$23 Million Settlement

When a propane explosion in Wyoming caused a Houston lady to suffer a traumatic brain injury and burns over 60% of her body, CMZ was able to procure a $23 Million settlement that is allowing her to receive necessary medical care and treatment for the remainder of her life. A nationwide propane company cut corners when installing propane lines in a Wyoming home that ultimately allowed gas to build up and ignite

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