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Medical malpractice

$1.1 Million Verdict
$1.1 Million Verdict 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Medical malpractice cases are extremely complex involving multiple medical issues, lengthy discovery, and costly experts. Juries are often reluctant to find the local doctor liable either because of respect in the community or the fear of increasing insurance and medical costs. Defense attorneys prey on this fear and oftentimes negligent health care is excused by juries. Because of this, most personal injury lawyers will not accept a medical malpractice case. At CMZ, we are not afraid to dedicate the time and resources it takes to prove negligence against a healthcare provider. Our client was injured by her doctor during a routine procedure. The doctor’s records did not record important information about the procedure. But, a witness in the room heard the doctor say something very critical in the case. After hearing the evidence, the jury was able to understand how critical this statement really was and found the doctor at fault. Had CMZ not taken the time to listen to our client and the witness, this case most likely would never have been prosecuted and the doctor never held accountable.

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