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May 2020

$23 Million Settlement
$23 Million Settlement 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

When a propane explosion in Wyoming caused a Houston lady to suffer a traumatic brain injury and burns over 60% of her body, CMZ was able to procure a $23 Million settlement that is allowing her to receive necessary medical care and treatment for the remainder of her life. A nationwide propane company cut corners when installing propane lines in a Wyoming home that ultimately allowed gas to build up and ignite. The propane company used safety equipment that would have prevented this explosion. But, CMZ was able to determine the company failed to use it in this home. And, after taking numerous depositions and obtaining company records, CMZ was able to prove this nationwide company only used this necessary safety equipment in the states that mandated it. Unfortunately for our client, Wyoming was not one of those states. Thanks to the hard work of CMZ, our client is receiving the level of care she needs and this nationwide propane company is now following the same safety procedures in all 50 states, not just the states that require it.

$17 Million Settlement
$17 Million Settlement 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Early one morning, an 18 wheeler attempted to make a U-turn on a dark East Texas road in front of a young man on his way to work. Initially, it was believed the young man was at fault and going too fast. Fortunately, the clients did not wait to contact CMZ. We immediately sent experts to the scene to gather critical evidence and preserve our client’s vehicle. CMZ hired experts in the fields of accident reconstruction and human factors who concluded our client was in fact traveling the speed limit and did not have enough time to perceive and react to avoid the wreck. Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury that will require medical treatment and rehabilitation for the remainder of his life. CMZ was able to reach a settlement that will provide our client with the care he needs and replace the wages he will not be able to earn.

$1.1 Million Verdict
$1.1 Million Verdict 150 150 CMZ Law Lufkin/Houston

Our client fell while shopping in a grocery store. The grocery store initially paid for our client’s medical treatment. But, when it became obvious he was seriously injured and required surgery, the store denied responsibility and refused to pay for further medical care. Fortunately, he hired CMZ. We filed suit and obtained the store surveillance video. Approximately 2 minutes before he fell, the video captured an employee walking by the slippery substance and doing nothing about it. The store’s Vice President of Risk Management had to admit in front of the jury the employee violated company policy and general safety standards when she ignored the substance on the floor. The jury found the store liable and awarded all the costs of his surgery as well as his lost wages. Most personal injury attorneys won’t handle premises liability cases. They are called “slip and fall” cases and the insurance industry has convinced most jurors these claims are bogus. But, at CMZ, we aren’t afraid to take on insurance companies or businesses when they don’t maintain a safe premises like the law requires.

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